Saturday, April 19, 2014


Humans need hope.

We need healing.

Without both, life is hard.

Easter's 50 days give the evergreen virtue of hope, of possibilities amid struggles and challenges that the trek through life faces.

Faces and faith merge with hope, even healing, that morphing and mending so needed in South Korea when hundreds perish in a ferry capsizing this week, and, problems elsewhere.

The victory of Jesus Christ over death, sin, and a life lived well for the common good soothes souls.

Amid Roman and Judean rule and oppression, people sought hope from an earthly king.  Jesus' kingdom is not of this world, however.  It is beyond us.

We inch along and do what we can to be for and with one another in healing.

We do.

Ever so slowly.

Like the Easter bunny, or empty colored eggs, Christ is risen.  And, the shell is filled with hope and healing.

Happy Easter all fifty days of celebration beyond the 40 of Lent's fasting and praying.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inter-religious Dialogue Good Friday, 11 am, Historic Sacred Heart Church, Roseville, MI., 48066

Join Rev. Dr. Yvette Griffin, Marge Hallman, responding, and more, on "GOOD FRIDAY GRIEF OF JESUS, THE LORD, AND, MOURNING OF MARY, A MOTHER'S, AND MORE ACROSS FAITH TRADITIONS." 586 777 9116.






Tuesday, April 15, 2014


These days before Good Friday and Easter are called Holy Week.

There is a calm and quiet about them..

It is Jesus' time.

Christians recall his suffering, dying and rising to save us from sin and death.

Truth is told by Jesus.

To live.

To love.

To speak truth to power as he did.

One's aim is to get to Heaven by being a saint on earth.

No easy order.

Yet, it is done daily by countless souls.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Silence, Sickness, Authority and God

No longer do I trust in human authority alone.

In God we trust.  That's on currency for all to read. And, to make it meaningful, the late William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis, of Detroit's Focus:HOPE would press a penny into the palm of people they made.

With an admonition:  "Remember in whom we trust!"

Perhaps it was around the 80s when authority was put in its place, so to speak.


People no longer seemed to rely on the authority of God. Rebellion ruled.  "Selfies" shined ego!

They resorted to one's own whims, wishes, and desires, following their own versions of truth with a small T!

Of course this has been true throughout human history.

However, a tremendous turn from God to one's own truth and authority became paramount, it seems to me, in the last few decades.

Relegating God to "just in case" ruled.  I believe with my lips but not my lives, some seemed to suggest. My heart was far from the authority of God's Word, for example.

The candid conversion of the late physician, Bernard Nathanson, MD., a pioneer in the abortion industry, is a case in point.

After enormous amounts of abortions at his hand and scalpel, Dr. Nathanson's ways and "authority" turned to God's hands leading and guiding him after the murders of over 175,000 babies.

Anyone of us can rely on his or her own authority alone, sad to admit.

It is insufficient.

When I was ordained a Catholic priest in 1976, the revered John F. Dearden reminded me to be sure that what I preached was "God justice, God's truth," and, not my own.

Wise words.  Well spoken!


God's own.

Now, I more fully  realize that unless I stand up for the most vulnerable "on the edge" human beings, this culture will continue to be sick.

And, we need to imagine a way out of that path placing one's self in the hand of the Creator, and, his authority.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Parade

Everyone likes a parade.

A procession hailing Jesus as King of the Jews starts what Christians call Holy Week, seven days before Easter Sunday, April 20th.

It's a sad week for me.

As I learned of the murder of Basim "Basil" Sulaka of Clinton Township, Michigan, and, so many more violent and deadly crimes, I wonder how this epidemic of violence may lessen.

How did Jesus tolerate the agony in the garden of Gethsemane?

How did he walk with that heavy cross amid the whipping that tore his skin to the core?

It aches within.

I mourn such pain when I see it all around me these days.

40 million addicts in the U.S. need their 'fix.'

They will kill to get cash for it.

They will.

They do.

We need to come together to find a way out of this fog this nation seems to be waling amid.

We need to get beyond "selfies" that are OK, and move to concern for the common good.

Holy Week is a good week to lead.

An Open Letter to Warren, MI.,Mayor Fouts and Detroit Mayor Duggan

Dear Mayors:

While "Celebrating Family" is our theme to rejoice Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 4:45 pm with hundreds of families, among others, including clergy and civic leaders, joining together in the Warren Civic Center Atrium with colorful balloons, and more, my heart aches deeply over the rampant crime, and our inability of various disciplines of social scientists, business, education, and family systems to come together to address the 40 million U.S. addicts who kill for their next 'fix,' a broken mental health system that seems to simply hand out countless psychotropic drugs to children these days, the rising epidemic gun crimes everywhere daily, and, the unhealed soul of this metropolitan region in need of our collective imagination to begin to address and stop this violent cycle of human destruction.  Your own emphasis for a safe, secure and clean Warren and Detroit motivates others, and me, to intensify our efforts for the common good of the region, Mayors Fouts and Duggan. 

I thank you for leading!

It would please me no end, if you and other mayors will join clergy and families who are stepping up to the plate with objectives and aim of healing and  bridging Detroit and the 'burbs these decades with our family annual  Belle Isle Park picnic the first Sunday of August from 12 noon, another walk from Warren at Van Dyke and Eight Mile Road into Detroit the last Thursday of August at 6 pm, Inclusive Communities Uniting, and much more.

Thank you for your attention.

Lawrence M. Ventline, D.Min.
All-Faiths Festival
Board Certifeid Professional Counselor