Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easter Season's 50 Days of Celebrating

Jesus' resurrection affords believers ten days more than the sorrow-filled Lenten season's trek of 40 days. I relish that. The central core of our Christian faith, Easter Sunday all the way through Pentecost, gives me time to savor the season with family, friends, church, and more in a conscious way that isn't so common today about dwellers on Earth. The 'hurry' and 'too busy' addictive culture, the newest and latest numbing experience is staved off by me. I want no part of a society that is too busy and in a hurry. No way. Such frenetic times bring on physical, emotional and spiritual consequences that are deadly. For sure.

High Holidays for Marijuana Movement and 'Pot' and Nicotine Smoke Need Clearing of the Air Now for Victims

To breath fresh air. I love it. For sure. I bet you do also. Yet, when smoke gets in your eyes, and 'pot' smoke, or nicotine toxins fill my office at 2231 Caniff Avenue, Hamtramck, Michigan, victims' right to a 'Fresh Air' ordinance explode in the 'hood, on the streets, and, where I work with addicts who valiantly strive to remain in remission of heroine or cocaine, for example. And, these trigger smokes can cause my patients to relapse. For sure. In Warren, Michigan, the muscle-minded, Mayor Jim Fouts is aiming toward a 'Fresh Air' ordinance for people like me. Putting up with the aroma of 'pot' smells almost daily in my VENT-Line Interfaith Center for Counseling/Coaching, Inter-religious Dialog and Strengthening of Family, merits pressing up against nicotine and cannabis users. Apartment dwellers in the same building where I pay $600 dollar a month for rent of the front business space, invade my counseling office with their 'smoke,' and think little of it violating my right to fresh air. Go figure. After all, narcissistic personality disorder runs rampant like the high holidays of the marijuana movement these days. Yes, me, myself and I -- that's all some think about. With 40 million U.S. addicts walking around numbed from food, shopping, gambling, sex, caffeine, work, and, yes, nicotine and 'pot' smoke, you think homeland security would listen up and lead on this one now!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Detroit March 28th March for Justice

From Chene Park to MLK High School from 12 Noon. www.marchforjustice2015.com Join me. L. Ventline VENT-Line Interfaith Center for Coaching/Counseling 2231 Caniff Ave. Hamtramck, MI 48212 (313) 530 2777

Need a Job in Michigan?

Contact MICHIGAN WORKS! for work, please, or, attend 4th Monday of the month from 2-4 pm in the Macomb-Clinton Library on Gratiot, north of 15 Mile Road to hear representatives on Job seeker communications Landing your job Engaging social media Interviewing Be blessed. You need land only one job and God is already there! Try Focus:HOPE Detroit also for job training, manufacturing and more. Focus:HOPE has a proven record of helping people since the riot in 1968, almost 50 years ago in Detroit. Father Lawrence Matthew Ventline 2231 Caniff Avenue Hamtramck, Michigan 48212 313 530 2777

Friday, March 20, 2015


Amazing grace! Put that sign in the window at VENT-Line Interfaith Center for Coacing and Counseling and what a flurry of activity. God help us! Indeed! Little did the curious know that the hiring is for folks to walk on Jos. Campau Avenue in Hamtramck, Michigan, USA, to share Good News. That's it! Good News. God's. That is. For sure. With the center open now and the call for others to join in and help with Good News is crucial. Familiy is fledgling. Singles are the most populated people in the U.S.A. Do they commit? Are they divorcing? What gives? Good News. I need it. You? And, more.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring in the Air

It may be cooler and colder than yesterday in Michigan, but, I will take the sunshine and brisk, blowing wind over the snow and sleet of the past weeks.

Even people I meet on Joseph Campau Avenue in Hamtramck,, Michigan seem happier and more engaging.  One guy even shouted out across the street to me:  "Hey, I need a cup of coffee!"

Life is in air, or spring's coming, or . . .

Life unfolding with people out of hibernation of winter.

I like it.

And, on this St. Patrick's Day amid Lent's final couple of weeks, I'm happy to take what I get at my age from God.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Great Grief in Hamtramck, Michigan

In the small town of Hamtramck, Michigan, nestled next to Detroit and Highland Park, the 2.2 square mile City is grieving the removal of its popular Police Chief, Maxwell Garbarino.

The 35-year-old University of Detroit doctor of law was told by the City Manager to hand over his gun, badge, ID, and computer over a week ago, allegedly without reason other than rumored hints of Internet issues.

The following Monday the chief appeared at a City Council meeting to get answers about Garbarino's removal.  Few were revealed, although the chief was seen in a photo talking with a TV reporter speaking for himself.

When accusations are implied, one needs to speak for one's self to clear the air.

"It's like having my heart pulled out of my chest," said the decades-long security official who rose through the ranks after a decade on the beat.

However, his term ended last Wednesday when the city manager announced Garbarino's resignation.

Found among residents, at community meetings, and more, neighbors who knew their chief well are writing notes detailing their fond memories of him.

Grief is like that.

It's like the Detroit/Windsor tunnel.

Getting through it, I mean.

I look toward the light at the end of that tube.

It takes time, however.

People's hearts connect.

Humans in Hamtramck like each other.

That's how that town has flourished over decades since thousands of immigrants came to work in the auto factories there in the 50s.

Polish food, and more things Polish.

Over fifty nations are now represented in Hamtramck.

Diversity soars and people get along.

"Diversity is and isn't working," Garbarino told a crowd weeks ago in the Hamtramck Public Library.

"We get it right but not always," he confessed to crowd at a town hall meeting on Caniff Avenue, blocks east of the I-75 Interchange that included concerns about ISIS from the Global Alliance for Termination of Al Quada, also.

People are there for each other in their terrible grieving and loss.

They are.

Just as Police Chief Garbarino was there for the heart-broken community for more than a dozen years as a protector.


It may take months to recover.